Duty & Flight Times

  • Full support for the latest CAO 48.1 Appendices.
  • Calculates the earliest time you can sign on the next day!
  • Fully customisable pilot setup for all totals and instrument approaches.
  • Tracks duty, flight, instrument/simulator, remarks, currency/checks.

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Document Managmement

  • Create crew alerts / notifications of important notices and document changes.
  • New notifications are automatically displayed to crew when opening their file.
  • Warns when notifications are not read or ignored.
  • Full audit trail of all notifications and when notifications are accepted.

Pilot Overview

  • Displays a summary of the hours of all pilots - makes it simple to roster and check duty and flight time limits.
  • An automatic warning of checks due for renewal (such as Command Rating, Medical Expiry etc.).
  • Customizable Summary Columns allow you to set and display any parameters, including earliest sign on times for all pilots, in the Summary window.


  • Complete electronic logbook automatically tallies your totals and generates Logbook and Summary of Experience reports.
  • Automatic ranking of commonly flown routes makes it easy to enter your route flown.
  • Calculates each pilots' Grand Total flying hours.


  • Automatically backups up all of your data.
  • Provides password restricted access for administrators and pilots.
  • Inbuilt backup and restore option to protect your data files.
  • Emailing option lets you email your Duty and Flight times back to your main base where they can be quickly imported.

Duty & Flight Times API

DFT API provides direct access to your Duty & Flight Times data - ideal for integration with your other IT systems and applications.

  • Immediate and easy access to all pilot data.
  • COM based API can be use by most programming languages.

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