Technical Support

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service we offer complete installation, setup and technical support for DFT, Logbook, Quote and Airstrips. If you are experiencing a technical issue not detailed on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page then please enter the problem below in the Support Assistance section. We will review the issue and if the cause is found to be software bug or issue then no charge will be made for the support call. Otherwise, our support costs apply. Details of the support costs are available here. We recommend purchasing the Maintenance Service to ensure you have the latest updates and fixes and so that you can receive priority technical support.


Maintenance Service

Aviation Software provides a DFT maintenance service of $120 annually that provides:

  1. DFT updates (includes new features and fixes, valued at $165)
  2. Two hours of priority technical support (valued at $180)

We recommend this service to ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and to ensure that you have the latest DFT features and fixes. Also it is great value for money - normally valued at $345. See the terms and conditions below for further details.


Support Assistance

Please enter the details of the issue/problem below. You will be charged based on the support costs detailed below or time will be deducted if you have purchased the maintenance service.

Your Name:
Company: (optional)
Serial Number:
(Select Help > About from the application)
Contact Phone Number: (optional)
Email Address:
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Operating System:

Description of Issue:

Please provide a full description of the issue, detailing any error messages and the complete sequence of events that led to the problem. Without a detailed explanation we will not be able to help you in a timely manner.

Please email any files to with a reference to your serial number in the subject line.


Support Costs

Listed below are the technical support costs. This excludes customers that have purchased technical support via their annual maintenance service fee.

Duration Price Details
1 Hour $90 Technical support is purchased in 1 hour blocks at $90 per hour. 1 hour of technical support may consist of a number of phone calls or emails. Each support call / email is charged at a 5 minute minimum. Technical support time is effective for 12 months or until 1 hour is utilised.



0419 909 340




Terms and Conditions

  1. Help desk support is only provided to customers that have purchased the maintenance service or have 5 or more minutes remaining of purchased time.
  2. Customers that have not purchased a support hours must provide credit card details before any support is provided.
  3. Customers unaware of the new support terms and conditions will not be charged on the first call. Customers will be notified during the first support call to refer to the terms and conditions on the website and that subsequent support calls will require a direct purchase via credit card before any further support is provided.
  4. If a customer is suspected of not having purchased the maintenance service or support hours, support may be deferred until the customer’s details and contract have been verified.
  5. Customers with a negative support balance must purchase an additional 1 hour block before further support is provided.