DFT Developer API / System Integration

The DFT developer API provides direct access to your DFT data - no time consuming file exports and Excel spreadsheets, with the DFT API you have direct and live access to your DFT data -- ideal for integration with your other IT systems and applications. The API provides quick and easy access to all pilot data, including, duty, flight times, night flights, instrument checks, logbook entries and currency checks. The DFT developer API is an VB6/ActiveX based library that can be accessed from any programming language that supports COM based DLL components.

The DFT API works with all versions of DFT, however it is recommended that customers and API developers upgrade to the latest version of DFT, to ensure compatibility and in order to gain the most from the API. For further information, please contact Aviation Software regarding provision of an access key that is required to access your DFT data.

Click here to download the DFT developer API, which includes code listing and complete working code examples. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.